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Tourist Activities that can be organized by Global Village Guesthouse Pakwach.

Along the River Nile boat trips to the bottom of Murchison falls Hippos, buffaloes, water-bucks, baboons, crocodiles, elephants, a lot of water birds are the common sights. Lions, giraffes, oribi, hart beasts, patus monkeys can be seen on a game drive. Bird watching species range from savannah, forest water to Albertine endemic birds. Spot fishing as a sport is also done along the river.

Fishing competitions are often organized. Uganda is one of the world's best bird-watching destinations and even non-birder's will be captivated by the incredible beauty and staggering amount of birdlife found within the lodge and Murchison falls National Park. The bird check list of around 450 includes the ground hornbill, secretary birds, black bellied busted, open billed storks and weavers.

Closer to the water you will find swallow tailed bee-eater, red throated bee-eater, woodland king fisher, francolins, grey heron, hornbills - and at the water's edge ducks, geese, stilts and plovers. The shoebill stork remains a favorite within the papyrus swamp area around the Delta.

For those interested in the spectacular wildlife and nature offerings of Uganda, Global village tours offer variety of tailored tour to capture the well known attractions to hidden gems Imagine watching the 'Big Five' greatest wild animals which consist of African elephant, leopard, Buffalo, rhinoceros, the lion and much more on your well planned trip with us.

Game drives

Morning / afternoon or full day game drive are available. Enjoy a game drive ride

to Murchison National Park in our Game drive land rover (one of its kind in the

country) for wild life viewing of Africa's best-known plain animals including lion,

giraffe, elephant, leopard, buffalo, and varied antelope. A visit to Murchison falls

National Park would not be complete without visiting the top of the falls.


From the rocky pathway above you can stand and watch the River Nile heave

through a wide gap, colliding into the surf directly downstream, before flowing

towards Lake Albert.


Water ride

Taking a water ride to the foot of Murchison falls is possibly the highlight of

any visitor's trip. Not only will you encounter a host of wildlife on your way to

the falls, but the falls itself will have you mesmerized.


The power of the flowing

water that cascades through the towering gorge will certainly impress you. In

addition, we also organize a water ride to the tranquil Nile Delta for game and

bird watching, sunset cruises on the Nile which is also a favorite activity for

our guests.


The River Nile is noted for its fishing; particularly the extraordinary Nile perch

40-70kg fish are not uncommon. The River Nile plays host to a variety of fish

including tilapia, the famous Nile perch, yellow fish (barbel) and cat fish among



Some Nile perch caught here have been recorded at more than 200

pounds. Come test the waters if you are a keen angler, or even a novice.

The lodge can provide limited fish equipment.